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Major Science MUV Series UV Transilluminator - An Essential Tool for Researchers

Major Science MUV Series UV Transilluminator - An Essential Tool for Researchers

Also known as the bench-top UV Transilluminator, the MUV Series UV Transilluminator from Major Science is essential for researchers as it emits intense ultraviolet radiation for illumination of transparent fluorescent materials.



·       Uniquely designed to emit either one or dual Ultraviolet wavelengths for different applications. Available modes include: 254nm, 312 (302)nm, 365nm, 254 & 365nm, and 254 & 312 (302)nm modes;

  1. 254nm mode: used to irradiate samples.
  2. 312 (302)nm mode: for general gel operating.
  3. 365nm mode: for viewing gels for long periods under long wave avoiding any photo notches.


·       Single wavelength mode either on “High intensity” or “Low intensity” controlled by a switch.

·       It is cheap, highly efficient, occupies the least space, and is provided with a long lifetime filter.

·       Two choices of filter size viewing dimensions are available according to your requirements.

·       It is equipped with an adjustable UV protection cover for better viewing.

·       High performance models available.


Available Accessories

Cat. No                                Product Description

MUV-T254                          8W 254nm UV lamp

MUV-T312                          8W 312 (302)nm UV lamp

MUV-T365                          8W 365nm UV lamp

MUV-F21-254/365              210x210mm Filter for built-in

                                             254/365nm UV Transilluminator

                                             (with stainless steel frame) 

MUV-F21-312                    210x210mm Filter for built-in

                                            312(302)nm UV Transilluminator

                                            (with stainless steel frame)


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