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More Products. More Applications. More Business.
ArrEssPro Scientific now carries products of global weighing industry leader Ohaus
Sper Scientific has introduced a new product to their line of Environmental Quality Meters.
The Z326-MPCA combination carrier is the ONLY accessory available for the centrifugation of chamber slides and dishes.
The new 850003 Scanning Moisture Meter accurately reads elevated moisture content using cutting-edge electromagnetic wave technology that penetrates ¼” through most materials.
ArrEssPro Scientific Now Carries Leading Vacuum Product Line in Online Store
Sper Scientific proudly introduces the new WBGT Meter with Color-Coded LCD.
Your favorite Incu-Shaker... just got better. With an updated look and new TOUCH SCREEN control panel, the Incu-Shaker™ Mini continues to set the standard as the preferred shaking incubator for any research lab.
ArrEssPro Scientific is proud to announce the addition of Across International (AI) products to its product line. This is due to the recent partnership with the Across International brand.
New product from VacuuBrand.