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Scan 100 Colony Counter is an essential product for Research Professionals

Scan 100 Colony Counter is an essential product for Research Professionals

Interscience Labs Scan 100 Colony Counter is a product that is essential to all Research Professionals in several fields like food microbiology, pharmaceutical analysis, medical and environmental tests.

Scan® 100 is a high-tech manual colony counter remarkable for its user-friendly functions and wonderful ergonomy.


  • Colonies Up to 1999 CFU are easily counted with the new Dark Field Technology which creates perfect contrast making colonies more visible and easier to count providing a great advantage over the standard lighting.
  • Data can be transferred from device to any software using an integrated USB port without prior installation.
  • Can be used for several sizes of Petri dishes and for all media.
  • Highly ergonomic, lightly-weighted, fitted with a touch screen, adjustable lighting, adjustable volume, and a built-in storage rack for accessories.
  • Body made from stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning.
  • Power 100-240 V
  • 3 years warranty


Accessories that are included:

  • white background plate
  • 90 mm dish adapter
  • power cord
  • USB cable
  • black counting pen


Accessories that are not included but can be purchased separate:


  • Flexible magnifying lens - Ref. 435-001
  • Multi-adapter - Ref. 435-002
  • Set of Spiral grids Ø 90 & 150 mm - Ref. 435-010
  • Wolffhuegel grid - Ref. 435-020
  • Set of easySpiral grids Ø 90 mm - Ref. 435 030
  • Set of easySpiral grids Ø 150 mm - Ref. 435 035
  • Circle counting grids -Ref. 435 037


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